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Travelease MaxSpiritualism in India
Spirituality makes person learn to care for his spirit and soul. The spirit is free, light and beautiful as a bird. We try to make the perfect spiritual holidays to the travelers in Uttaranchal Himalayas through which they can experience the bliss. Various techniques such as Meditation, Yoga and interaction with spiritual seekers can create awareness of divinity. The surroundings of Uttaranchal like Rishikesh in uttarakhand is famous for yoga, meditation, Himalayas are perfect for the people for attainment of self actualization. The holy cities rishikes & haridwar of Uttaranchal now known as uttarakhand are the perfect place to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Be blessed on your holiday in Uttaranchal. The yoga and meditation centers of Uttaranchal are renowned all over the world.

Spiritualism is a way of life which we all abide by out of choice. Being spiritual is just about being loving, compassionate and caring, not only towards others but also towards yourself. Uttaranchal has plenty to offer for spiritualism seekers. Spiritualism is far from religion. It is the bliss, emptiness, joy, ecstasy and feeling of completeness. The spiritualism of India has attracted people from all over the world, the yogis in India attracts people from all around the world. The mental and physical healing power of Yoga and Meditation has earned great reputation in the world. The city of Rishikesh is known as world capital of yoga and Meditation. We offer various courses of Yoga and Meditation. The customized courses can also be opted after the consultation with the yoga experts.

The Symbol OM - The Powerful Word in Meditation Avastha
Spiritualism in IndiaHealers believe that everyone has a healing mechanism that flows as an energy force around the body, mind and spirit to keep them in perfect order. Unfortunately, stress,an inadequate diet, a negative attitude and other adverse factors can block our healing mechanism so that it cannot function correctly and we get ill. Spiritual healing provides the energy needed to crank our own healing mechanism back into action. When a healer

lays his hand on you, he acts as a conductor or channel for the healing energy which he believes has the "intelligence" to go where it is needed. Healers say that all of us have the power to heal, if we choose to develop it. However, some do seem to have a healing gift.Healing does not always work at a physical level; the illness may remain but the ability to cope with it improves. Sometimes it does not work at all. This may be because the sick person "blocks" the healing forces - some people subconsciously prefer to be ill. it may also be because we "need" to remain ill.

Healing is not just about living well, but also dying well. People healed when they are dying may die more peacefully.Typically, to begin the treatment the healer will attune with the healing energy. Then he may scan your body, with his hands hovering just above you. This scanning is to take a reading of your body's energy levels and to locate areas of low or blocked energy where healing is needed. How long the healer spends on each area is determined by your body's needs. Generally, the session lasts about an hour.

All healers work in this way, but some employ additional healing tools such as visualization,past lives therapy, aura healing or they may concentrate on using the "chakras" the seven main energy centers of the body. During the treatment you may feel heat coming from the healer's hands, although some people feel a draught, a tingling sensation, pins and needles, or a feeling of fight-headedness. Afterwards, most people say they feel relaxed and peaceful, although you might feel thirsty or sleepy. Leave a few days or a week between sessions to give the healing time to work.

The Power of Seven Chakras

Wake up Mother Kundalini, Thou whose nature is Bliss Eternal - the bliss of Brahman, Thou dwelling like a serpent asleep at the lotus of Muladhara,Sure affected and distressed am I in body and mind, Do thou bless me and leave thy place at basic lotus. Consort of Shiva, the Self-caused Lord of universe, Do thou take thy upward course through the central canal, Leaving behind Svadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha And Ajna, be thou united with Shiva, thy Lord the God, At Sahasrara - the thousand-petalled lotus in the brain,Sort there freely, O Mother, Giver of Bliss Absolute, Wake up Mother Kundalini,Wake up.


Free yourself for your health and come to us and experience the spiritual power which can rejuvenate you and your soul, any kind of disease can be cured with your inner healing power with the help of our guru from Himalayas, Gurus know the techniques of healing naturally with the blessing power of god.

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